My name is Eliane, I'm currently 27 years old and just a little bit obsessed with nail polish. I'm working as a office clerk in my day job but the nights and weekends are filled with nail polish, nail art and everything that's related to it! 

Another hobby besides nail polish is actually reading (I wish the day would have more hours so I could read more), gaming (e.g. Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls or Pokemon) or well ... food. I love good food! Cooking isn't my area of expert but I'm learning and I love to go out for good food. Another passion of mine is travelling so it shouldn't be a surprise that I have a travel blog. It's just in German but my Instagram to it is also in English.

I started blogging about nail polish in October of 2012 and just have fallen deeper in love with everything to do with nails ever since. My stash never stops growing although I try to limit my shopping and my boyfriend calculated that I could wear a polish every single day for the next two years without having to buy new polishes.

Btw: my previous url was die-lackmamsell as you'll notice due the watermarks but I grew very tired of it, so I picked up a new name and changed a lot. 

Any questions? Concerns? Requests? Email me at holomyheart(a)gmx(dot)de !

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